Japanese breakfast

Traditional Japanese breakfast actually follows general style of Japanese meal which tends to be well balanced and nutritious. Concept of harmony pairing between carbohydrates, vegetables, proteins and fermented food are core of the Japanese breakfast. Japanese breakfast is based on the concept of simple meal made the soup, rice and dish and usually is made of:

  • RICE – essential food in Japan, rich in carbohydrates to provide energy and body all day long.

  • MISO SOUP – soup made of miso paste and seaweeds with option of adding ingredients like tofu, mushrooms or eggplant. Highly nutritious and rich in probiotic bacterias for boosting digestive health.

  • NATTO -fermented soybeans sticky paste. Very nutritious and rich in proteins. At the other hand could be little tricky for non-Japanese people to eat. But it is recommended at least to try for your health.

  • TAMAGO – YAKI – breakfast egg dish made of beaten eggs baked in square pan. We all know benefits of quality organic eggs.

  • YAKIZAKANA – grilled fish which will provide high quality proteins and omega 3 acids. Usually Japanese grill mackerel or salmon.

  • OTSUKEMONO – Japanese pickles made by fermenting various veggies and spices. Usually on the menu are ginger, plums, cucumbers, carrots, Japanese radish and eggplant. Good probiotic bacteria from pickles will support your gut to prevent bad bacteria to enter your blood and like that will boost your gut health and health in general.


    • Japanese breakfast is not just nutritiously balanced but it is also great in terms of flavour. What I like the best is that Japanese people balance in terms of ingredients, quality, but quantity as well…because quantity also counts.