Ginger balls

Friday is our dessert day! We try to combine healthy ingredients when preparing cakes, but I’m not so sure we always manage to be moderate. This Friday the choice fell on Ginger balls! They say two balls are enough for a snack between meals, but I eat 5 for sure. They are so delicious!

Ingredients: For 10-12 servings (depending on what size you make)

  • 100 g unsalted cashews

  • 20 g sesame seeds

  • 80 g dried apricots

  • 20 g expanded quinoa *

  • 1 piece of 4 cm ginger root

  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon

  • 2 tablespoons agave syrup


  • Grind about 50 grams of cashews in a food processor and set aside for later. Mix the rest of the prepared cashews, sesame seeds, apricots and expanded quinoa in the food processor, then add the previously grated ginger, agave syrup and cinnamon.
  • Depending on the density and texture, you may need to add a little more agave syrup or a tablespoon of water.
    Use wet hands to shape the mixture into balls, then roll them in the cashew powder set aside at the beginning of the recipe.


  • *Expanded cereals can probably be found in health food stores or well-equipped supermarkets. I do not know if any negative effects are produced during the cereal processing, but I think that occasional use cannot be harmful. Moderation is the key as always!