Vegan celery root purée

Vegan celery purée made of celery root, cacao butter & oat milk. So creamy texture with perfect taste. As I am more into paleo I usually eat this with lamb meat, grilled chicken liver or baked salmon. But as this is vegan option and if you are exclusively vegan this is great side dish for you as well.


  • 1 big celery root

  • 40 – 50 g of cacao butter

  • pinch of salt

  • 80 ml of oat milk

  • water – for boiling celery

  • little bit of fresh chives, minced


  • First cut celery root in small pieces and boil for 20 minutes until is soft.
  • Strain the celery root and then blend very well with blender.
  • Add cacao butter, oat milk and continue to blend.
  • When you get real purée texture pour into the bowl and sparkle with some fresh chives.